The secret of success

Rabbit Ridge was founded in 1981 by Erich Russell in Healdsburg, California. The winery quickly became known for some of the best value wines, as well as many highly acclaimed luxury wines in California.

For example, Rabbit Ridge has had three wines rated as Top 100 Wines of the World from Wine Spectator. The winery moved to Paso Robles, California in 2001 to expand the business and to increase vineyard acreage.

Consistent quality and hands-on attention to detail have made Rabbit Ridge a national and international wine brand for 39 years.


Erich Russell

Founder / Winemaker

Joanne Russell


Sarah Garrett

Assistant Winemaker

Brice Garrett

Assistant Winemaker

Our Winery Team

Mike Sanford

Vineyard Manager

Fruit set is all over the vineyard. This is a time in which we can start determining our crop load. Next steps will be thinning out the weaker clusters, and solidifying which grapes will go into vintage 2021 ...

It all started in 1981 with a few barrels of Zinfandel...

Today, we age our Zin in a multitude of ways. For our every day drinking Zinfandel, we age it 18 months in foudré. This larger format vessel, common in Chatueanuef du Pape and Chianti, allows for more wine to wine contact as opposed to heavy oak. The goal is to benefit from the oak vessel but also allow the fruity flavors to be the focus. We proudly Zin and hope to share some with you soon!! 🍇

Sometimes the vines just need a hug... and to be tied up their stake 😂.

Our vertical foliage is crucial in combatting the summer days of Paso Robles. The harshest rays from the sun are absorbed at the top, while the grapes are protected below!!

We are happy and humbled to be able to pour wine every weekend. To honor and thank those who have served, we are offering 50% off active duty military and our veterans. We thank those who have sacrificed for us!!! ...